Solutions to the Yahoo Mail login Problems

Facing Yahoo Sign-in Issues!! Effective Solutions Available

Yahoo mail is one of the leading free email providers. While accessing Yahoo Mail many of the users faces common login issues. Due to this reason, many people start switching to Gmail but you don't need to do so by reading this article. You will able fix your majority of the issue which comes while accessing Yahoo. You can also prevent this Sign in issues by adding your correct mobile number or alternate email address to your account. Below are the lists of some common reasons due to which you are not able to access your Yahoo account.

1.Forgot Yahoo Password: If you don't remember your password, then you need to go to Yahoo sign-in helper for resolving all your password issues. You need to enter your Yahoo ID in Yahoo sign-in to instantly recover your password in few minutes. If you still encounter the problem even after performing the above step, then you need to use "Problems using the password helper section"

2.Cannot Remember Your Yahoo login ID: If you forget your Yahoo email, you need to try Sign-in Helper to revive your account. You can also use other sign in method such as alternate email address or mobile number for recovery of Yahoo account. Yahoo will send a code to your mobile number if you had provided a phone number.

3.Someone else is using your Account: Then reset your password immediately using Sign-in Helper if you see any suspicious activity in your account. Secure your hacked account by creating a new password for future safety.
4."Invalid ID or Password" Message: If you view this pop-up message on your screen, it means either your Yahoo ID or password is wrong or the combination of your id and password is wrong in the database. Yahoo Toll-Free Number is also available on the web for your assistance.
5."Caps Lock" or "Num Lock" Keys: You need to enter the correct information. Ensure that you haven't clicked accidentally any of those keys if you don't have any caps or number in your password.
6.If you see an "Account Locked" Message: If Yahoo detects any suspicious activity in the account, it will temporary lock your account for 12 hours. The user can unlock the account by providing proper information using Sign-in Helper.
7.Auto-Fill Settings: If you have changed your password recently but your browser is set to auto-fills the previously saved information about your password, then you need to type the password manually to avoid this kind of issue which are coming while accessing Yahoo account.
8.If you view a "First Time Signing in Here" Message: When you open your Yahoo mail account using any other device rather than the ones you use commonly, Yahoo will send the one-time account access key to your registered mobile number or alternate email id to confirm the user certification.

If you are sure about the account details you're providing is correct but still, can't Log in to Yahoo Mail. Then try to log in using another browser. If you still encounter the problem while accessing your account then you need to take the help of the Yahoo Helpdesk team for instant +1-855-6500-666(USA/CANADA)